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For the period of March 1st to December 1st of each year only cut flowers or potted plants that can be removed and disposed of are permitted, with the exception of artificial arrangements in containers wholly within the structure of the memorial except during the mosquito seasonDuring the mosquito breeding season no vases or containers may be left in a manner that may become a mosquito breeding ground.  All vases and containers are subject to being emptied,  the vase or container inverted or removed for disposal weekly along with the contents.

Circle of Honor Premium Columbaria now available 



We are still in the process of updating our databases of interment rights owners and persons interred here in the cemetery.   We are seeking information on the personal histories of those interred at Ivy Hill, particularly with reference to military service, lifetime accomplish-
ments or relationship to persons of current or historical note.

We need current addresses and phone numbers for all of our interment rights owners, or their representatives. Please DO NOT call us with this information. Respond by e-mail to the address below:


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