Established 2006

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Society Description

Ivy Hill Cemetery Historical Preservation Society

Description of Activities

Ivy Hill Cemetery Historical Preservation Society  (“Ivy Hill Society”) a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization shall undertake projects that enhance the enjoyment and use of Ivy Hill Cemetery of Alexandria (“Cemetery”), a 501 (c) (13) tax—exempt cemetery company, in Alexandria, Virginia by the general public, including without limitation:

1.    The protection, restoration and preservation of monuments and other structures at the Cemetery that is significant for historical, architectural or aesthetic point of view.
2.    Educational and cultural programs, including lectures and tours.
3.    The protection, conservation or cultivation of trees or other flora on the grounds of the Cemetery.
4.    The protection or conservation of birds or other fauna on the grounds of the Cemetery.
5.    Such other charitable and educational activities as are incidental and related in any of the foregoing purposes.

Ivy Hill Society will provide funds to the Cemetery to further the purpose and objectives outlined above and in the Articles of Incorporation.

Fund Raising Vehicles to be used will include:

•    Ivy Hill Society will conduct an Annual Appeal to Cemetery’s space owners and the general public to establish a habit of giving, and to establish giving that leads to special, capital and planned gifts.
•    Ivy Hill Society will mail newsletters and emails to all donors on a quarterly basis.
•    Donors, Cemetery space owners and other interested parties will receive personal solicitations for additional donations and planned giving.
•    Ivy Hill Society will solicit other charitable organizations and governmental agencies for grants of specific sums of money to meet capital requirements for the restoration and preservation of historic structures and landmarks in the Cemetery.

Fund raising activities will be conducted wherever space owners and other interested parties are located. It is expected that the primary fund raising activities will be conducted in Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia and possible the suburbs of Washington, DC located in Maryland.

Ivy Hill Cemetery Historical Preservation Society may accept donations. Any such donations will be held or liquidated in order to fulfill the primary mission as described.

Distributions to Cemetery will provide for the beautification and preservation of historically significant landmarks within the Cemetery in excess of that which might be reasonably expected of a Cemetery but for the need to maintain a historic site for the enjoyment of the general public.

The Initial and Founding Directors / officers of the Ivy Hill Cemetery Historical Preservation Society

Lucy Burke Goddin, Director/President, Alexandria;  Gant Redmon, Esq.,  Director,  Alexandria, VA;
   Arthur H. Bryant, Jr., Director, Orange, VA;    Laurie Blackburn, CFP,  Director/Treasurer, Alexandria, VA; Laurence O’Reilly,  Director/Secretary, Arlington, VA;   Steven E. Wooddell, Director Alexandria, Va.